Between The Trees Festival is moving, to an idyllic, new, 100 acre, woodland site in South Wales, the fabulous Candleston forest and coastal location at picturesque, Merthyr Mawr. We also have a new date, it’s the weekend of 31st August and 2nd September 2018.

Between The Trees Festival has a unique theme. It is grounded in contemporary folk, Americana and roots music with exciting new talent and more established, well-loved favourites, but always original and always wonderful. As well as this, the festival aims to engage people of all ages with the natural world, to re-connect younger generations especially, with the wonder and restorative qualities that the environment can offer.

You will be part of a unique community within an ancient woodland setting and have the opportunity to create art, investigate and observe natural science in one of Wales’ Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Plants, trees and insects were on this planet long before humans and will probably be on the planet long after we have left. Basically, life on Earth would survive without us, but not without the Flora and Fauna.

Homo sapiens, as a species, are literally “Between The Trees”.

We are passionate about the role that humans play in the conservation of all life forms and encourage future generations to respect our Planet.

“There is grandeur in this view of life…” Charles Darwin (1859)

 We invite you to be a part of “ Between The Trees Festival 2018 “, to enjoy with us; a like-minded gathering of people to re-discover the beauty of nature through music, art and spoken word and find ourselves inspired, refreshed and restored.

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